• Profit & Loss report

    The Cashmanager RURAL Profit & Loss (P&L) report helps you to see at a glance your cash position for the financial year, before any accountant’s adjustments are made.

    If you want to analyse the current financial year, or a budget or 'what if' scenario you've prepared, the P&L report supplies you with an indication of taxable profit.

    For a more detailed report that also displays key performance indicators, try the Performance Summary (EFS) report .

    NOTE: This report displays all transaction information for the selected financial year including balance date payable and receivable items i.e. items that you pay or receive income for in the current financial year that relates to the prior year.



    The Profit & Loss report can give you an indication of your cash position through displaying:

    1. Total income
    2. Total purchases
    3. Total farm expenditure by cost category
    4. Any interest and/or rent


    Non-cash adjustments can also be included:
    5. The value of opening and closing stock and crop on hand, by class
    6. If the asset register is used, it will display depreciation
    7. The value of opening and closing produce on hand when entered via the report options


    The Stock On Hand section calculates the difference in value between your opening stock numbers at the beginning of the year and closing numbers at the end of the year. In order for the value to be calculated correctly, make sure that you have entered the following:

    • Opening and closing stock numbers are correct for the financial year

    • All stock values are recorded through Setup - Stock Values in the Livestock screen

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