• What is the Transfer Out action in Livestock?

    The Transfer Out action allows you to move animals around your Cashmanager farm business without attaching a dollar value to each action.

    NOTE: A Transfer In event is automatically created from a Transfer Out action, so always start with Transfer Out.

    When could you use the Transfer Out action?

    There are three main areas where you might move stock around Cashmanager:

    1. Between stock types, i.e. move calves from your Dairy stock rec to your Dairy Beef stock rec.

    2. Between stock classes i.e. out of mixed sex lambs and into ewe lambs.

    3. Between Enterprises i.e. from Block A to Block B

    How to open a Transfer Out worksheet

    Scenario: Jim records all his lambs born as mixed lambs in the Livestock screen. He has now drafted off his replacement ewe lambs and wants to record them in Cashmanager.

    To open a Transfer Out worksheet, you have three options:

    Option A

    1. Locate the animal that you want to move out of its existing stock class.

    2. Right click your mouse on the month you want the action to take place.

    3. Click on New.

    4. Select Transfer Out.


    Option B

    1. Double click on the animals name in the Stock Class column that you want to transfer

    2. Right click your mouse on the month you want the action to take place.

    3. Select New Transfer Out.


    Option C

    1. Highlight the animal you want to transfer.

    2. Click on New Other.

    3. Select Transfer.


    The Transfer Out worksheet

    1. Enter the date the action took place. Alternatively, the default date is the last day of each month.

    2. Enter the quantity of stock being transferred out.

    3. The first line indicates where the animals are being transferred out from.

    4. Select the code(s) the animals are being transferred into.

    If you use enterprising, you can also enter the enterprise at this point.

    TIP: The left side of the worksheet summarises the event you have created.


    1. Click OK to save the worksheet.

    1620 lambs have been transferred out of Mixed Lambs and transferred into Ewe Lambs.

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