• What resources, knowledge or advice do people have to share to not only meet the legal requirements, but to make our farms as safe as they can be?

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  • I've also signed up for the AWDT protecting your team programme - really interested to see what we will get out of it. I have done all our health and safety stuff myself, after attending a B+LNZ workshop (as mentioned earlier). I have also done a number of training courses - quad bike, chainsaw and tractors through Summit Safety, which is based in Pongaroa. I am doing a First Aid course, also through Summit Safety, next week.

  • The changes to our Health and Safety laws have now been in place for a year, and Work Safe New Zealand have said that farm deaths are down. This is fantastic news. It's still early days, with only a year not being long enough to call it a trend, but it's certainly a move in the right direction.

    While I still think there is alot of uncertainty around what we are supposed to be doing and if we are doing enough, I think farmers are having alot more positive conversations about health and safety. The change in the law certainly generated alot of conversations in our house and community. As Al McCone (Work Safe New Zealand agricultural sector leader) said
    "The good thing about the new legislation is that it has raised everyone's awareness and we have been able to build on that and start educating on what appropriate health and safety for a farm looks like."
    You can read a bit more about this here...

    There are lots of great resources and workshops out there to help.
    I've just signed up for the ‘Protecting Your Team’ – a one-day programme offered by AWDT in partnership with Worksafe New Zealand and ACC. This is the 2017 calender...
    To find out more information and register click here...
    Does anyone have information on any other health and safety workshops or resources?

  • @UglyDuckling Thanks so much for that, that sounds great!

  • If you are in the Wairarapa:

    OnFarmSafety NZ are presenting a FREE Health & Safety Seminar, especially suited to the Farming & Rural Businesses.

    How's your Health & Safety going?

    Have you:
    Given it a good nudge but just need to double check your compliance?
    Started? Made an attempt but not sure if you have enough?
    Haven't got round to it yet and don't know where to start?

    Come and discuss with the OnFarmSafety team what you really have to have in place!

    Plenty of Q & A opportunities

    Tuesday 6th December
    Moiki Farm, 134 Moiki Road, Greytown

    RSVP before the 30th November to Bridget on Ph 027 765 7712 or email: bridget@onfarmsafety.co.nz

  • We talked to a WorkSafe representative yesterday who gave us booklets and explained how to use their website Safer Farms. They also emphasised that they didn't want farmers to be wary of them and that they wanted to support people.

  • @Annie I also attended a B+LNZ health and safety workshop and found it to be excellent. If someone hasn't yet got around to starting any form of paper trail, it is particularly good, not at all intimidating or off putting. The take home folder is great. Establishing a safety culture within the farming business is the ultimate.

  • We don't use a provider like Hazard Co but I have put together most of what's required (I think!).

    I found a good exercise was to go around the farm with everyone and draw on a map where the various hazards were (for example, a slippery area of race) and discussed how to mitigate them (e.g. drive carefully especially when wet). This is all noted down.

    And everytime we have a staff meeting we have a small section on H&S - we discuss anything to watch out for (eg branches on a race after a storm) and how we're going to deal with it (eg move/sweep branches). We take short notes in a meeting book as well.

    I think a big thing is getting your staff involved with it, rather than just telling them what's what. And developing a safety 'culture', where it's good for people to think about hazards/risks and communicate them, rather than just 'ticking the boxes'.

  • @Annie I have done a bit of research and have found Hazard Co are very well priced and offer a great service. Farmers do need to put together there own farm policies and procedures but Hazard Co but in place the overall farm policy and have great tools for induction and a paper trail for monthly h/s meetings that need to take place.
    DWN ran a great h/s module with hazard co. I took home a 90 day plan that was really simple to follow with all the links to resources.
    I am currently putting together new h/s policies, procedures, maps, signage etc as we are on a new farm this season so have been using the dwn resource again.

  • We use Hazard Co, found them very reasonably priced compared to other companies. Really like the fact that should there be an on -farm incident, we are able to contact them and get their knowledge and support

  • I attended a pilot B+LNZ heath and safety workshop last year and found it really good. They provided all the forms and information you need in a folder (and let you know when there are updates on their website to download) and I created our farm policy from that day. I've heard that FarmIQ has a good health and safety section. You can also find resources on the WorkSafe website.