• After having a drawn out calving this season, what is the most effective way to compact calving for next season?

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  • We have had this before, and in agreement with the herd owners, we took the 'direct' route so to speak, i.e. only mated for 10 weeks (we've since reduced that to 9 weeks). Whilst it was expensive for the herd owners due to the higher empty rate and the cost of interventions, they fortunately had enough replacements and it has paid for itself quickly as there has been much more milk in the vat/more days in milk every season since. We used CIDRs as a tool to help get those later calving cows cycling earlier; Vets can advise as to whether CIDR's or a PG/synchronisation programme could help, but from what I understand it is better to do those sorts of treatmnents earlier rather than later to get the best results.
    Now with our own herd, we do 9 weeks mating (4 weeks AB, 5 weeks bulls) and strongly believe that a compact calving has many benefits.

    Good luck!