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  • Why doesn't my page balance?

    1. When in Reconciliation Mode, check that the opening and closing bank balances for the page in Cashmanager match the opening and closing bank balances on the bank statement.
    TIP: if a balance is in overdraft, show this in Cashmanager by entering a minus (-) before the balance.
    1. If the opening and closing bank balances are correct and the page is still not balanced, print the reconciliation report and compare it to your bank statement. If you find any errors, go to the transactions affected and correct them.

    2. If you cannot find any discrepancies, un-match all transactions allocated to the page in Cashmanager, then match the transactions in the same order as they appear on your bank statement.

    As you match the transactions, check that the running total on your bank statement i.e. the account balance displayed to the right of each transaction on your statement matches the computer closing balance located in the bottom left corner of the screen in Cashmanager. If you locate an error, correct it and then continue reconciling the remaining transactions.

    TIP: As there may be more than one error, continue to check the computer closing balance against the running total on your bank statement until all transactions are matched.

    If none of the above steps have created a solution, please contact the Support Helpdesk for assistance.

    NOTE: In order to help you we may need access to your database and a copy of your bank statement

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