• Recognising errors & warnings

    Hard errors that will not allow postings to GL to proceed are unreconciled transactions for the period being posted and unmapped GL codes.

    Unreconciled Transaction Lines
    If there are unreconciled transaction lines in CMR in the period being processed you won't be able to download the MYOB file. You must login to the Cashmanager RURAL database to reconcile the outstanding items before proceeding.

    Transactions in an unfinalised GST period
    If GST has not been finalised for the period being processed, you will still be able to send or export the file as the client’s GST period may be different to the Connect to GL period.

    Prior period amendments
    If there have been amendments to a prior period then the following messages will appear. If the amendments are within the current financial year, journals for the amendment will be posted to the GL. If the amendments relate to transactions prior to the current financial year, journals for these amendments will not be posted (but the message will be displayed).

    Note: You can still download or send the journals if there is only a warning message.

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