• Connect to an MYOB AO general ledger

    For Cashmanager RURAL online databases, journals are not limited to a full year; you can export transactions in a date range of your choice.

    Before you can start

    You must be registered as an “Accountant” in Cashmanager RURAL.

    If you do not see the “Connect to GL” button below, please contact the Help Desk on 0800 888 080 NZ, or 1800 351 781 AUS. Alternatively, email support@crssoftware.co.nz to update your permissions.

    Step 1 - Registration


    1. Login to the Cashmanager RURAL website.

    2. Locate your client's database.

    3. Click on the Connect to GL button adjacent to your client's database.

    4. Click on Select your GL.


    Step 2 - Align chart of accounts

    1. Select Edit codes and map your chart of accounts to the databases category and extended codes, accounts payable and receivable, and bank accounts.

    2. Click Save.

    Step 3 - Select the date range

    The first time you use Connect to GL the start month must be selected.
    From then onward the start month will default to the month after the previously set end month. The period-end must always be set.
    Once the date range has been, set click on the “Generate journals” button. The date range must always be within an open financial year.

    More information

    If you are using Internet Explorer 8 you will not be able to use Connect to GL as it is not supported by IE8.

    Bank reconciliations and GST returns need to be done in the Cashmanager RURAL database.

    Amendments to transactions must be made in the Cashmanager RURAL database.

    Adjustments that relate to pre-GL export periods will not be processed.

    Bank Transfers: It is not possible for Cashmanager RURAL to distinguish between money being transferred between bank accounts internally and shareholders funds introduced etc. We advise you to map “Bank Transfers” in Cashmanager RURAL to the GL’s “Suspense” account.

    You can then journal from suspense to the correct account in the ledger.

    NB: There are no suspense accounts in Cashmanager RURAL.

    Once the first period to export to GL has been sent, the subsequent period’s batches will be processed in chronological order. It is not possible to
    process periods prior to the initially exported / downloaded period.

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