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  • Are you meeting your employment obligations?

    One of our Lead Moderators, Anna Brown, posted this great topic earlier in the week into the General section of the forum. Though one or two articles relate to the Dairy sector, the topic of employment is so relevant for any employers. Have a look at some of these great websites for Sheep & Beef businesses, they're sure to help.

    Are there any other resources available to us Farmers to help us get it right? Or do you have any tips for other farmers? Feel free to add your suggestions and learnings.

    Unfortunately, there have been a few incidents in the media recently where employers have been found to not be following the law when it comes to employing people.


    Fortunately, there are quite a few resources available to us as employers to help us get it right. Check out the links below:

    Employment NZ

    The Employment NZ website has had a revamp and is now a good place to start.

    Beef & Lamb

    The HR toolkit contains templates and resources for all kinds of staff management processes.
    If you don't employ staff there are practical tips on how to better manage your time.


    And of course, the IRD website has some good information as well (plus you can ring the helpline if you have specific queries regarding tax codes or something similar).

    Federated Farmers

    These guys are well known for having employment agreements available and a support line for its members when they have an employment relationship question or issue.

    And if you use the WageBook function in Cashmanager RURAL, go to the HelpCentre to check that you are doing it correctly.

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  • Hi, also be aware, there is a little known regulation that says under 15yr olds can not be employed to handle machinery between 10pm and 6am, technically machinery includes all attachments etc. so it is technically illegal to have under 15 yr olds helping with jobs like sharing etc late or very early, or helping with the wool press (except loading it).

    For what its worth, knowing the law as I do, if I had a sensible teen, I would choose to break the law, but do so knowingly, with the consequecnes if I was caught.

  • A change to paying school kids, in case you didn't know...
    School age children used to be able to earn a certain amount (I think it was around $2340 a year... ) without having to be taxed. Handy for paying the docking crew! But the laws changed in 2013 and now as Employers we need to deduct PAYE from their wages and include their details on the EMS.

    Here's the snippet from the IRD website...

    Does anyone else have any handy tips or advice for getting it right when it comes to employment?