• Being a dairy farmer my experience with sheep is limited.... Can anyone offer any tips for feeding, docking etc for the kids pet lambs

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  • We had a sad looking pet lamb with bloat- a tablespoon of baking soda mixed with a few tablespoons of water and a tablespoon of cooking oil has done the trick. Prevention better than cure... so might need to try the natural yoghurt in the milk next year for the pet lambs...

  • @Abi Where are the pet lambs getting these internal parasites from? They would need to be grazing low in contaminated pasture to pick them up, and pre-tailing lambs just don't do that. A good chance to save some money ;)

  • @Deanne We wean ours from about 16 kg, so long as they are good meal eaters. We convert to feeding straight barley in place of meal or pellets post-weaning to reduce cost. Many people wean considerably lighter, which should be fine if they have a clover and/or herb diet.

  • @Deanne ...most pet lambs are weaned just after school Pet Day's ..but depending on when they are born most pet lambs will be weaned in October/November (this may be different for Hogget lambs which are generally born later). In regard to shots they may need, most things are covered by the vaccinations given to their mother prelambing. There is an option to vaccinate for clostridial disease around the 5 week mark, I'm not sure how many people do this. Drenching at docking is also a good idea to remove any internal parasites.

  • Beef and Lamb NZ have a great info sheet on raising orphan lambs

    http://www.beeflambnz.com/Documents/Farm/Rearing orphan lambs.pdf

  • @Abi thanks! when is a good time to wean though? I cant seem to see that on the sheet or anything about any shots they need cheers

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  • Best feeding advice I can offer is to yoghurtise the lambs' milk. Your vet probably has printed instructions for this. Live bacteria in the yoghurt are good for the gut, help protect against other bacteria and minimise the risk of abomasal bloat, which is really nasty. We use yoghurtised milk as soon as new lambs come off colostrum feeding. Young lambs get 4 feeds/day here, dropping to 3 at a couple of days old and 2 from about two weeks. Pellets or meal are important for lambs' rumen development (you'll be familiar with this from calf rearing).

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