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  • Does anyone have any advice to share, that wee nugget of information that makes all the difference and that you wish you'd always known. Sometimes it can be the simplest thing, a gem of advice from the Accountant, a neighbour or whoever...

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  • Netflix chewing through your data??
    I recently found out that you can change the quality settings and it uses waaaay less data (handy when you are rural with limited data each month!).
    Log in to your Netflix account
    Click your account name at the top right and select Your Account
    Scroll down to Playback Settings in the 'My Profile" section
    Then go to Episode Playback Settings
    You will see there are four quality settings- Auto, Low, Medium and High
    I think it set to High as default, which can use up to 3GB an hour!! We changed ours to Low and honestly can't tell the difference in quality.
    (I think you might need to go into each Profile you have set up and change them all... )

  • Has anyone seen or been using the new FeedSmart app?

    It's a brilliant tool developed by Beef and Lamb NZ and the Red Meat Profit Partnership, with FarmIQ, to calculate the feed requirements for sheep and cattle and analyse pasture/crop usage.
    Such a brilliant tool when working out stocking rates, break sizes, how long feed will last etc.
    There are standard settings which you can modify to suit, for example your stock and the farm and feed situation-
    It uses variables (stock class, weight and growth rate) to calculate either the kgs of dry matter per head per day (kgDM/hd/day) or the megajoules of metabolisabled energy per head per day(MJME/hd/day) then you can use the allocation tool to work out

    • days in the paddock
    • residual cover
    • number of animals
    • break size

    It's free and works offline (once downloaded) with any computer tablet or smart phone.

    Click here to check it out
    Simple and effective. Clever stuff!

  • @Sean-Bennett60 I agree, Catalyst are great

  • @Annie I do my own petrol refunds, a mate of mine gets a agent to do it for him. Supplies all the info the agent lodges it and gets the commission for just filling the form out, "Do it ya self mate", "she's a pretty big job". Yeah right.

  • I wish I had been better at monitoring our budget when we first started sharemilking - I cringe when I think of how we used to do a rough budget then pop it aside!
    Nowadays I monitor how our actuals are tracking against our budget really closely, and run monthly variance reports to see where the differences are (and why). I then update the budget if necessary. This way I know where our finances are at any point in time and I feel 'in control' - just really wish I'd done it years ago!!!

  • @Sean-Bennett60 That's great to have a recommendation of a company Sean, thank you.
    Do you have any pearls of wisdom to share?

  • We have an arrangement with Catalyst who do a great job for our clients. Check them out

  • @rcourt If you click on the box with the image and 'Due a fuel refund?' under the text above it should take you directly to the blog post.
    Alternatively you can click here-
    Hope you find it useful, let me know if you have any questions.

  • Annie - Where do I find your blog which you refer to about excise duty on petrol. Thanks

  • for example did you know that you can claim back the excise duty on petrol used on farm? Up until a year ago I had no idea! It now adds over $8000 income into our business each year. Pretty good for half an hour work every quarter.
    If you are interested to know more check out the info I put up on our blog...