• Analysis By Code Report

    The Analysis By Code (ABC) report provides an overview of actual transaction details, grouped by category and extended codes, and can be customised in different ways, such as by Enterprise, Bank Account, and Date Range, or if you want to report on specific codes.

    TIP: If you want a report to view your budget, try the Cashflow Detail report. It displays both budget and actual information.


    Steph and Johnny purchased a John Deere 8345R and recorded this information in their Cashmanager RURAL farm business, as well as monthly hire purchase payments. They use the Analysis by Code report to show the capital outlay for the tractor and the remaining amount owing.


    Note: The report will only be as good as the data you record, so it’s important to regularly update your financial data, including livestock quantities and Kg/MS.

    Report Options

    Options - use this tab to select a date range or financial year and to show any additional notes within transactions.

    Codes - customise the report parameters by selecting specific codes.

    Tip: To select specific codes from the list (eg Sheep Sales & Purchases) hold down the Ctrl key while making your selection. To select a block of codes from the list, click on the first code, then hold down the Shift key and click on the last item.

    Filter - use this tab to filter the transactions out by a particular bank account or Enterprise if you use these functions in your Cashmanager RURAL farm business.

    Don’t forget to click on Update Report to display your selection in the report.

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