• How to import your trader statement into a bank transaction

    The team on the Helpdesk often get asked "what is the best way to import my Farmlands, Farmsource or PGG statement?"

    If you use Bank Feeds, or import transactions from your bank, the easiest and most accurate way is to bring the statement directly into the imported bank transaction.

    Why import the statement into a bank transaction?

    Transactions that have been imported from the bank are your best source of truth. You know the date of payment and the amount associated with it. This information should not be altered.

    By importing your statement directly into the bank transaction, you are not only retaining the integrity of the bank transaction but you’re also capturing all the rich information within each item i.e. quantities of fuel purchased (handy when filing your fuel excise tax duty refunds).

    It also ensures that you don’t end up with duplicate records that could be included in your GST return.

    Before you start

    Make sure you've imported and coded your bank transactions first. Your trader transaction needs to have been coded and sitting in the Cashmanager Transaction screen.

    If you're not sure what to code it to, try FW (Farm Working). Once you import the trader statement, you'll be able to allocate the correct code to each item.

    Import your trader statement in 5 easy steps

    1. Locate the bank transaction in Cashmanager RURAL and put it into edit mode. When the bottom of your screen turns blue, the transaction is ready to edit.
    Tip: To identify a bank transaction that has been imported, look for the + symbol in the Page column.
    1. Click on Import and select the trader you want to import.

    If you have saved a .csv file to your PC, browse for the file and click OK. If you use the Farmlands Feed, you can choose which statement period you want to import.


    1. Click Yes to bring the statement items into the bank transaction.


    The transaction now becomes a split or multi-line transaction while still retaining the transaction date and amount that was paid from your bank account.

    1. Every line needs a category and extended code before you can complete the transaction.

    2. Once each item has been coded, click Ok to save the transaction.


    TIP: Want to know how to properly record your milk income? Have a look at How to enter a split or multi-line transaction.

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