• Import Payroll Information

    Cashmanager RURAL has a facility which allows you to import your data from one of the compatible payroll programs. It simply adds the appropriate lines to your transaction list, including information such as gross, PAYE, allowances and deductions. The payroll programs that are currently able to export data to Cashmanager RURAL are as follows:

    New Zealand Australia
    AcePays Payforce
    IMSPayroll SmoothPay
    SmoothPay Crystal Payroll
    Crystal Payroll
    Pay Sauce

    For information on how to export the wage file out of your payroll program, please contact the relevant support desk.

    Once the file has been generated through your payroll software, it is a simple matter to import that into the Transaction screen.

    How to Import the payroll file into Cashmanager RURAL

    First, each employee needs to be recorded as an other party in your farm business.
    Important: The other party name needs to be exactly the same as the name entered into your payroll
    program in order for Cashmanager to recognise the information that is being imported.

    Once you have entered your employee information into Cashmanager RURAL, you can import the payroll file.

    1. From the Transaction screen, click the Import menu and select Payroll.
    2. Select the Payroll Format from the Dropdown list.
    3. Select the Account number if you have more than one bank account setup.
    4. Click Change Folder and browse to where your Payroll data was exported to.
    5. Select your data to import.
    NOTE: For IMS payroll click on Tools - Export - CASHmanager Rural to export the file out of IMS.

    Optional: Click the Codes Tab and select what Category and Extended codes Gross, PAYE, Deductions, Allowances, Student Loan and KSE get allocated to.

    Click on OK. The information will be added to your Transaction screen in date order.

    For information on how to export the pay file out of PaySauce (previously Simply Payroll), check out their video

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