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  • Rabobank Direct Credit Export

    Rabobank Direct Credit Export

    In July 2020 Rabobank tightened their online banking security measures, which resulted in some of our users struggling to import the direct credit file from Cashmanager RURAL into their Rabobank account.

    The default file extension .aba is no longer accepted by Rabobank. But by changing the file extension when you export the file, you'll be able to import it into your bank account.

    Simply follow the instructions below:

    How to change the file extension in Cashmanager RURAL

    1. Click on Export - Direct Credits as you normally do.

    2. Click into the File field and change the extension to .txt

    3. Click OK to save the file.

    4. Locate the file and import it into Rabobank as you normally do.

    Rabobank txt extn.png

    What if I've already exported the file?

    1. Locate the file on your computer.

    2. Right click on the file name and select Properties.

    3. In the General tab, remove the extension .aba and replace it with .txt

    4. Click OK.

    5. Import the file into Rabobank as you normally do.

    NOTE: you may see the following message when changing the file extension. Click Yes to continue.

    Change file extension.png

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