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  • sharpesolutions : Hi, also be aware, there is a little known regulation that says under 15yr olds can not be employed to handle machinery between 10pm and 6am, technically machinery includes all attachments etc. so it is technically illegal to have under 15 yr olds helping with jobs like sharing etc late or very early, or helping with the wool press (except loading it). For what its worth, knowing the law as I do, if I had a sensible teen, I would choose to break the law, but do so knowingly, with the consequecnes if I was caught.


  • Jo : Thanks for this @Renee-Auckram :) I looked after the admin for a lamb trading business where all lambs were sold just before or on 30 June. To ensure the correct number of stock on hand was recorded at balance date (handy for the accountant, and when budgeting), it was really important to make sure the correct sale date was attached to the income transactions. We used Cashmanager, and even though we're well into the 2017 year, here's another tip to make sure those stock transactions are allocated to the correct financial year: in the Transaction screen and while importing bank transactions


  • Deanne : @Garnerdale what would define quality - size? markings? thanks


  • Tony McKeage : @Anna Andrews proposal is not a milk priced based deal but capital based. It's based on the contention returns on capital should be equitable between parties. The returns on farm land and particularly Dairy farms have been modest for decades. The real issue here is what is required to attract young people into agriculture? I would suggest 50:50 sharemilking agreements are on the rebound. It is driven by owners who understand the value of their investment and the skill of a top farm manager. I hear farm owners complain more about the getting the right farm manager than the return on their investment. Think carefully before giving away income. The current enviroment should back that up


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