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  • Annie : Netflix chewing through your data?? I recently found out that you can change the quality settings and it uses waaaay less data (handy when you are rural with limited data each month!). Log in to your Netflix account Click your account name at the top right and select Your Account Scroll down to Playback Settings in the 'My Profile" section Then go to Episode Playback Settings You will see there are four quality settings- Auto, Low, Medium and High I think it set to High as default, which can use up to 3GB an hour!! We changed ours to Low and honestly can't tell the difference in quality. (I think you might need to go into each Profile you have set up and change them all... )


  • Cherry : @UglyDuckling We use to do Friesian bull calves, but changed to doing Jersey Bull calves for the diary industry, because there was not really any money in the Friesians, $80-$125 for calf then add to that milk powder, pellets, debudding, medicines, very rarely lost any with scours and taking them through to be sold as yearlings at good weights, that the finishers didn't want to pay good money for them, even though they would be finished before the Autumn. There is a few more costs with the Jersey bulls (from a pedigree herd) but $50 a calf, less milk powder because we went too having 10 Jersey cows, which we milk and run a jersey bull with them, so we get calves which cover the cost of the cows, still have pellets, debudding have to add BVD/EBL blood test, BVD vaccination. We are paid a lease for the yearlings, then the ones that we don't want back get sold in January, the ones we get back we take through to 2yr olds then sold for $1600-1800. By the end of October all bulls are gone. We don't do big numbers of calves 70 max, we have been rearing calves for 16 years now. I paid $125 for a good Friesian /Angus X bull calf and $60 for Murray Grey/Friesian/Jersey X bull calves. Have been told that some beef crosses, I assume Hereford/Friesian X are $150 plus, this is South Island not the high North Island prices.


  • hardgraft : @becgreaves


  • Annie : We had a sad looking pet lamb with bloat- a tablespoon of baking soda mixed with a few tablespoons of water and a tablespoon of cooking oil has done the trick. Prevention better than cure... so might need to try the natural yoghurt in the milk next year for the pet lambs...


  • Annie : Thanks very much @alister. We really appreciate the support. Rural Community has been one of our big developments so it's exciting to have gone live and we're hoping people get into it and get a lot out of it. The great thing is that you don't have to be a Cashmanager user to be part of Rural Community, it's open to everyone. The Cashmanager Rural team have been busy working on lots of other improvements- we are expecting Westpac bank feeds to be up and running within the next 6 weeks and Scan My Bills is coming along to name a few... The team of Web based Product Developers have also been extremely busy and working hard so watch this space for that...

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